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Wine Cellar Doors

Our hinged glass floor systems are most commonly used for glass wine cellar displays and basement access. 

Fixed Glass Floors

Non-hinged glass floors which are fixed in place with a steel support framework. These glass floors are simple and effective.

Round Glass Floors

Often used as glass well covers, round glass floors can help making a feature out of an old water system in the home or garden. 

Bespoke Glass

All our glass floors are available in set sizes online but in reality every floor is made to order so get in contact for any other sizes on

Structural Glass

All the glass floors we supply is both toughened and laminated for safety. Structural glass is always a minimum of 25mm thick but even thicker glass is available for larger spans. 

Building Regulations

The thickness of glass floor required can depend on size, location and building use so if in doubt, always contact a structural glass engineer for confirmation of suitability.